We understand the importance of good UI design: It determines whether and how much a product is enjoyed. In the vast array of solutions available, aesthetics are a crucial factor in setting your product apart from others.

We design
User Interfaces

The design process spans from ideation to prototyping, which serves as the single source of truth in development. For us, the key to a successful product lies in understanding user behavior and design psychology.

During the conceptualization phase, we work closely with you to fully understand your requirements and goals. We lay the foundation for a successful collaboration through open communication.

Using wireframes, we outline the structure and layout of your software solution. . They serve as the precursor to the design prototype and provide you with initial insights into the future appearance of your software.

Creating the design prototype is an essential step towards your custom software. The prototype represents a snapshot of your final user interface and visualizes interactions and functionalities. Throughout all stages of development, the prototype serves as a central reference point. Therefore, technical implementation only begins once the prototype meets your full satisfaction.

Digital products benefit from illustrative representations for various reasons. Visualizations simplify learning processes, create strong brand recognition, and can positively impact user experience.

At SYON, we offer the creation of custom illustrations and icons to enhance the uniqueness and aesthetics of your software solution, providing added value for your users.

Upon your request, we integrate your company’s corporate design into the user interface and explore aesthetic ways to apply it digitally. Alternatively, we also offer the creation of a custom design for your software solution, as well as the development of branding for your digital product.

Design is the process that turns your idea into a product.

The design process involves much more than just aesthetics. It defines the user experience and thereby the success of the product.

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What makes SYON unique

Open communication is at the heart of what we do.

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Working with us means professionalism and personality at every level of your project. We aim to understand your wishes holistically in order to implement them optimally.

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SYON bundles all the skills required to enable project realization under one roof. Having a single point of contact for all services saves costs and time.

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Agility is our work culture

Our culture and project management are agile. With this approach, we enable maximum adaptability to the wishes of customers and partners throughout the whole project.

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If you don’t find answers to your questions here, please feel free to contact us. We are eager to hear from you.

Our design process consists of several steps, starting with a thorough analysis of your requirements in the form of a kick-off meeting. Once we understand your requirements, we move on to conceptualization, sketching the user flow, and wireframing. The final and most substantial part of the design process is the design prototype. This visualizes your final product and serves as the single source of truth in development.

In the design process, you as the customer are paramount with your wishes and requirements. Therefore, you play a particularly essential role in this part of the project: We start with an in-depth requirement analysis and rely on continuous feedback to ensure that the design meets your expectations. We ask many questions and define the standards which your product should meet together with you.

We maintain an open and transparent communication approach. Regular meetings, feedback loops, and progress presentations facilitate smooth and efficient information exchange. Meetings can be conducted online or in person, depending on your preference.

We use modern design tools to create appealing and informative prototypes. Our primary tools include Figma and the programs within the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

Users are at the heart of our design approach. We define the target audience at the beginning of the design process by creating personas. By setting high usability standards, we ensure that the software is intuitively usable and provides a positive experience, helping you stand out from the competition.

Upon your request, we integrate the corporate design of your company into the software or create a new design specifically for your software solution.

Primarily, we design digital products such as apps or web apps. Our team specializes in creating user-friendly designs for various platforms. However, due to the diverse backgrounds of our designers, we can also offer competent design services beyond the digital realm.


Let’s talk about your ideas

Are you ready to turn your innovative ideas into reality? Do you have questions about SYON or our collaboration process? Interested in exploring optimization opportunities for your company? We offer a non-binding initial meeting – book your appointment now. We’re excited to discuss the possibilities with you!

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