Our solutions address scalability, speed, coverage of business cases, and other essential requirements.

We specialize in bespoke software development

At SYON, our development process leverages cutting-edge technologies across all aspects of your digital project. Our experienced team adapts to various technologies, frameworks, and workflows, drawing from a wealth of industry experience.

At SYON, we primarily utilize Angular and React/React Native for frontend development. Our agile approach and close collaboration between development and design teams enable us to create aesthetically pleasing, high-performance, and user-friendly solutions.

In backend development, we leverage technologies such as Node.js and Express. Our goal is to develop robust and scalable systems that ensure smooth functionality, efficient data management, and security.

SYON provides technical consulting services to support your needs. Our experienced team analyzes individual requirements, identifies optimization opportunities, and develops tailored solutions. Using thorough evaluation of current technologies and best practices., we offer informed recommendations based on your company and objectives.

Individuality plays a particularly important role for us in development. Every company is unique and benefits from solutions that are tailored precisely to their needs. Our focus on individuality is reflected above all in our agile development approach. Through agile processes, we ensure that our software solutions can be optimally adapted to the specific requirements and wishes of our customers.

Every step on the way to your software solution is characterized by intensive collaboration.

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What makes SYON unique

Open communication is at the heart of what we do.

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Working with us means professionalism and personality at every level of your project. We aim to understand your wishes holistically in order to implement them optimally.

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Bundling competencies

SYON bundles all the skills required to enable project realization under one roof. Having a single point of contact for all services saves costs and time.

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Agility is our work culture

Our culture and project management are agile. . With this approach, we enable maximum adaptability to the wishes of customers and partners throughout the whole project.

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If you don’t find answers to your questions here, please feel free to contact us. We are eager to hear from you.

The development process at SYON is as unique as the requirements of your project. However, we can clearly define the following steps: Initially, there is a non-binding initial consultation, followed by a thorough analysis after commissioning. Based on this analysis, we create a design prototype that is finalized together with you. Only when you are fully satisfied with this prototype, we start with the development. Based on your requirements, we recommend you the appropriate technologies for your software. Development at SYON is sprint-based. This means that predefined features are implemented in a rhythm of two to four weeks. After each sprint, there is a sprint meeting where you can review the progress of your product. At the end of the development, a cycle of tests and feedback loops begins until your software is ready for release.

The duration of realization depends on the complexity and requirements of your project. We create a schedule with milestones to make the progress transparent for you. Once we fully understand your project and have outlined possible implementation paths, we can provide a time estimation.

The costs, like the timeframe, depend on the effort your project entails. The costs are determined by various factors such as scope, functionality, and complexity of the software. We provide a detailed cost estimate before the start of the project. Most of our projects are handled as fixed-price offers, as they represent a transparent and easily understandable billing method for both parties.

Yes, we offer maintenance services to ensure the optimal functionality of your product after completion. The digital landscape evolves rapidly, so we are available for future adjustments and expansions to meet your needs.

When selecting technologies, we prioritize a balance between established methods and innovative approaches. . The specific technologies chosen may vary depending on the project, but generally, we utilize the following tools: Angular, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, RESTful, GraphQL, SQL, NoSQL, PTV, and Node.js.

Data privacy and security are our top priorities. We implement proven security measures and strictly adhere to data protection policies. Additionally, we keep you informed about changes in the data protection landscape.

The solutions developed by SYON can be easily extended and adapted to new requirements. After re-evaluating the proposal, additional features can be seamlessly integrated.

Yes, we provide training sessions or training appointments to ensure that your team can effectively utilize the software. Additionally, we support the implementation of the product into your workflows.


Let’s talk about your ideas

Are you ready to turn your innovative ideas into reality? Do you have questions about SYON or our collaboration process? Interested in exploring optimization opportunities for your company? We offer a non-binding initial meeting – book your appointment now. We are eager to hear from you.

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