Mobility for ALL

ISTmobil aims to ensure mobility for everyone with a focus on sustainability. To achieve this goal, SYON developed both a web and mobile application that connects local taxi services with public transportation and private individuals. The user flow is simple: select pickup point, set a time, and book a ride.

App & Webapp

From the long-term collaboration with ISTmobil, the ISTmobil app and the ISTmobil web app emerged. These two digital solutions allow users to independently select stops and quickly book their desired ISTmobil ride. . ISTmobil’s business model, the digital realization of demand-oriented transportation systems (micro-MaaS), represents a sustainable solution for transportation throughout the DACH region.

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ISTmobil Stop Connections

ISTmobil aggregates taxi rides and processes them through stops, offering their users over six million ride bookings.


Ride Bookings (FLEXO 2023)

Flexo is a micro-MaaS system in Braunschweig, Germany It utilizes the Flexo app, which is based on the digital ISTmobil solutions.

A screenshot of the ISTmobil design system developed by SYON

The ISTmobil solutions feature a clear and appealing user interface. SYON has supported us from start to finish, serving as a reliable partner. With their technical expertise, we were able to make informed decisions and turn goals into concrete projects. The development process is agile, providing us with the opportunity to shape the products along the way.

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