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onesome is an innovative web app that digitizes coaching sessions, making them accessible anytime, anywhere. Users embark on a journey through vibrant landscapes, engaging with various topics in the realm of personal development.

User Interface Design

The interface design of onesome is characterized by a friendly and bright appearance brought to life by numerous illustrations. The focus of the onesome UI is primarily on providing a pleasant overview and organization of the various contents, along with a playful presentation of onesome journeys and sessions.

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completed journeys

Users of the onesome web app have completed approximately 16,000 journeys and short trips to date.

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Increase in Well-being

89% of onesome users find that they have been able to improve their well-being through the use of the web app.


Net Promoter Score

onesome users frequently recommend the product, indicating a high level of satisfaction.


The vibrant illustrations feature organic shapes and characterize the onesome web app and the onesome corporate identity. The onesome-illustration-world primarily consists of vector graphics to ensure maximum visual quality of the images in the web app.

Photo of Lisa Lengauer onesome Product Manager

The attention to detail in the illustrations and the graphic design in general is always positively received by our users and underlines the story we want to tell with onesome.

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