Shared. Digital. Albums.

“together” combines digital albums with a social media platform. The app allows users to create albums and share them either with selected friends or the entire platform community. This mix of private and public pages is intended to inspire users to share real content without filters or social pressure

User Interface Design

SYON accompanied together from the initial concept to the finished product. Through an intensive design process, we explored the best options and ways to realize the idea in the form of an app. Wireframes and design concepts evolved into a detailed prototype, which acted as a single source of truth during development.

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The Figma prototype was at the center of the development process. The screens were realized precisely and in high quality. In addition to the visual appearance, particular attention was paid to ensuring high security standards and fast loading times. At the same time, high image quality was especially important to the founders of together, so that the memories and experiences of the users are captured in high quality.

With the right blend of different technologies, the SYON development team created a powerful and user-friendly app. The together app is a cross-platform application that manages data securely and quickly and ensures outstanding performance and scalability.

To create an MVP quickly, we needed a partner who could combine experience, price and appropriate communication. SYON met all these requirements and was able to start developing immediately after creating a prototype. With Fabian Henger as Team Lead, we had a reliable contact person who enabled us to develop flexibly and made the process much easier for us as a start-up.

Photo of SYON CEO

together puts great emphasis on community. Users don't just simply share content - they collaborate in order to show different perspectives on shared experiences. This unique feature was central to our development and design process.

Photo of SYON CEO

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